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Mens White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold wedding rings
White gold weddingrings

While a yellow gold wedding band is commonly considered to be the 'traditional' wedding ring for men, many couples these days are seeking rings made from alternative metals for their wedding bands. For some, the aesthetic appeal of a traditional gold wedding ring isn't to their tastes; for others, they might require a ring made from a more durable metal in order to accommodate their lifestyle or work choices.
White gold wedding rings are gaining much popularity with men. As an alternative to yellow gold, a white gold wedding ring is considered to be more contemporary and thus more highly sought after by the modern man. White gold wedding rings can often be mistaken for traditional platinum wedding bands, which come in at a far heftier price point, due to their color and ability to maintain their sheen for extended periods of time. For a couple on a budget looking to purchase an expensive looking wedding band, a white gold wedding band would be the perfect solution.
Our selection of 14K white gold wedding rings are extremely popular with our contemporary bridal customers. We have a great range of designs and styles which we are sure will fit every couple's tastes.
All of our white gold mens wedding bands are manufactured here in the USA, and we are able to offer great discounted prices on our wedding ring selections to you. We work directly with our manufacturers to insure that we supply a wide range of wedding bands and rings to suit every individual taste and need.
Gold wedding bands
Gold wedding bands

Mens Gold Wedding Bands

Gold wedding bands have always been a firm favorite wedding ring for couples. While there is a great selection of wedding bands made from other metals available for men, the classic appeal of a traditional yellow gold wedding band still holds strong.
Yellow gold wedding bands are considered the traditional wedding ring for men and women. Most of you are likely to recall the yellow gold wedding bands that your parents or grandparents once wore. This is because, until fairly recently, it was almost impossible to come by a wedding band made from an alternative metal such as titanium or tungsten. Additionally, yellow gold wedding bands were far less expensive and far easier to come by that wedding rings made of other rare metals, such as Platinum. As such, the yellow wedding band has become synonymous as the most traditional wedding band available.
While there is much greater variety of metal types available for mens wedding bands today, yellow gold wedding rings are still some of the top selling pieces of wedding jewelry.
Our selection of 14K yellow gold mens wedding rings are extremely unique. We seek out original and custom wedding band designs to insure that we can provide a wide range of wedding bands to fit every taste. While a yellow gold wedding ring is the epitome of tradition, modern wedding ring designers are taking liberty to create some fantastic, unique gold wedding bands for men. You will be hard pressed to find any of our gold wedding rings for men at a retail outlet for an affordable price.
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