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White Gold Wedding Rings

wedding rings

Traditionally, womens wedding rings and bands are fashioned from the classic yellow gold. However, there are many women out there who do not like the conventional aesthetic appeal of a yellow gold wedding ring these day. Many women now prefer the contemporary elegance of wedding bands and rings made from white metals, such as white gold.
White gold wedding rings are really growing in popularity for women. Often considered a more affordable alternative to the more expensive platinum wedding band, white gold wedding rings hold a traditional appeal for women who want a gold wedding ring, just like their mothers and grandmothers wore, but who want to exhibit a more contemporary looking wedding band. White gold wedding rings offer both a timeless and sophisticated appeal, as well as upholding the tradition of a lady wearing a gold wedding band to celebrate her union.
As with yellow or rose gold, 14K white gold is a softer metal type, making it a popular choice of wedding ring for women. However, due to its less durable nature, white gold wedding rings are a little more susceptible to daily wear and tear, and thus could tarnish. However, there is a wealth of information available about correct and effective ring care for ladies who select a white gold wedding bands.

White gold wedding rings often are very decorative pieces. Many modern white gold wedding rings include diamond bands and some have extremely intricate, hand crafted designs. As a softer and thus more mailable metal, white gold can be fashioned with the most intricate of cuts and etchings in order to create a spectacular wedding ring and woman would be proud to wear.
While still considered to be a traditional wedding ring, a white gold wedding band offers a more contemporary appeal for modern brides.
wedding rings

Floral design wedding rings are obtaining a great resurgence as a popular choice for a womans wedding band. While closely associated with wedding rings from eras past, a floral design wedding ring is elegant, sophisticated and timeless.
Floral design rings became extremely popular during the Edwardian period. Ladies would often wear costume rings with ornate floral motifs carved into the metal, making for some really unique and ornate style wedding rings. However, over more recent years, there has been a trend to fashion wedding rings with plainer styling. This is all changing as more and more women are looking for vintage and antique style wedding rings to symbolize their love and commitment to their partners.
Many contemporary brides have a passion for jewelry from long past eras. Floral design wedding bands really capture the imagination of young women who wish to embrace the quality of wedding ring designs from years past. Not only are floral wedding rings extremely decorative, they hold a certain mystique that more conventional wedding rings and bands lack.
With ornate carvings and etchings, floral wedding bands are really beauties to behold. From delicately engraved small wedding bands with floral motifs, to more dominant wedding rings carved with unique floral patterns, a floral wedding ring really is a ring that suggests sophistication.
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