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Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold wedding rings and wedding bands are synonymous as the traditional and classic wedding ring for men and women alike. These yellow gold wedding rings are most commonly associated with the typical wedding ring available for couples looking to get married and are the symbol of commitment and the sharing of an eternity together as a married couple.

Gold wedding rings really became popular during the early 20thcentury. While gold was not an abundant material, it was more easy to come by than other rare metals, especially during times of war. This is why yellow gold wedding rings started to gain their popularity and notoriety as the classic metal for wedding band use that we know it is today.

While many young couple select wedding rings made from alternative metals these days, considering there is an abundance of different metal types now more readily available to the jewelry design industry, the classic gold wedding ring is still a popular choice for couples who adhere to tradition. Many young brides have often dreamed of receiving a beautifully crafted and simple gold wedding band on their wedding day, as homage to the wedding bands and rings worn by their mothers and grandmothers before them. A classic 14K yellow gold wedding ring offers a timeless and sophisticated appeal which is hard to find with rings fashioned from alternative metals.

Traditional yellow gold wedding bands and rings need to adhere to the same rules of simplicity exhibited by the rings worn by generations past. These days it is not uncommon for brides to choose gorgeously crafted yellow gold wedding rings studded with diamonds or other precious gem stones. Additionally, as yellow gold is a softer and thus more mailable metal for jewelers to work with, yellow gold leads wedding rings can be intricately carved or etched to display some very unique designs and motifs. This adaptability of the metal choice means that gold wedding rings are often some of the most decorated and sought after wedding bands available, both from traditional brides and the contemporary market.
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